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Ahhh.... Say that again please, slower....

Autumn to Ashes we all fall down, or sometimes we are
tripped by some sly mf'ers when we aren't paying
attention.... so always be aware of your environment,
for it truly may just dictate who you are and what you
will become.
Patience is a virtue and those most
virtuous of us all are probably waiting around for
what's next. The next big thing may look really small
in the distance, an optical illusion worthy of Chris
Angel.... but size doesn't really matter now, or does
A large amount of rings on your right hand
symbolize you're heavy in the head and light in the
heart, so wear brass knuckles and call it a day.
A day in the life of someone you'd rather be is probably not
as exciting as you had thought and they definitely
can't pack away a jar of peanut butter in one sitting,
so how admirable are they anyway.... wait. what?
If you are really courageous and plan on visiting a
far off land, start with the one you built long ago all by
yourself.... a memory covered in dust and cobwebs, it
will probably scare the sh*t outta you if its the one
i'm thinking of.... way in the back behind those old
books and concert tees.... don't you want to know why
you're so petrified by silence?
Silently reflect on this and get back to me.....


Cut a Rose from My Torture Garden

My open sore, my fresh wound
spitting in the face of fate
turning your back
you're moonlit laced
as she lays and waits

never again, never ever again
i promise you i won't ever come again
offer up my loyalty
to a stolen heart on bruised knees

you may have met her as a fool
but she knows now of a prophet
replaced by something priceless
you had bought on sale

shadowed in an innocence
of love as understanding
working her becomes easy for you
only takes a minute
one minute and you're through

washed your hands
clear water runs red
make sure the towels line up against the wall
take your leave sir
your presence is not needed here anymore
she'll be just fine with out you
she'll be just fine without you
with the gaping hole you left in her chest.


There's a rain cloud on a string and it's tied to my pinky

Karma kills us all. So I believe.
The skies have been crying all day today.... And isn't
it ironic? Today of all days.... Can you find yourself
in a puddle on the ground? Have you even tried to
Sometimes I just stand there staring at it all, all of
it, as it washes away... I love the rain... If you
give me your memory to stand under, perhaps I won't
get wet.... but then really, what is the point of it
So allow me to forget and I will
stand outside without yours.... thank you so much for
the offer though.... you are a true gentleman.
I think I scare them away sometimes with an honest
disposition, the raindrops.... they just run away from
my tongue when I try to catch them. I guess I'm really
not that thirsty after all ......
I know some people
that could drink a cloud's worth of them, and they
do... Those selfish MF's hahaha....
I hope most of you stay dry today, as for the
I hope karma greets you with her smile,
seduces you with her beauty
and leaves you out in the rain...
with my memory.

Even Lead Hearts Float

Being strung along, a pearl necklace, breaks when you pull too tight. Small white orbs rolling around on the floor, from far above they dance with each other like we used to. Our feet entangled, you wrestled me for the sheets, I never cared if you won, you always kept me warmer than linen anyway. 600 thread count doesn't compare, nothing was softer than the brush of your lips across my cheek.

Time..... she is suppose to search out and destroy them, these thoughts lingering in the dark corners of my mind, but somehow they convince her to join them for a spot of tea and then leave her contently on her way with a bag of pastries. She is weak, I am weak, it's been weeks since I heard from you.

I wish for sleep, the dark void of nocturnal abyss, where even in its vacuum I could find my way to you.... but by now darling, I can't even meet you there, someone has stolen my key, left me on the other side of the glass doors and locked them tight.

"You must remember to forget. In the absence of memory you will find happiness again."

Some are just way too memorable. Some cannot be forgotten.

Some Helpful Hints for 2008......

People never cease to amaze me, i mean really, in this ice cream sundae world of ours there are way too many nuts and not enough whipped cream, errrrr.... ok bad analogy but i'm sure there's someone out there who may catch my drift and maybe that's my soul mate... speaking of which never make somebody a priority when all you are to them is an option *cough* sorry something got caught in my throat, perhaps all the uncertain truths i've been forced to swallow as of late what else? Lime green dresses mean "go" in any language so be careful who you wear them around. Texas may be the reason, but NYC is def where all the action's at... just don't kill yourself trying to be everywhere everyone who's anyone may be because really man, who gives a (bleep).... Graveyards are the noisiest places.... too many souls stirring about, and they never sleep... and neither do the ones who realize too late... but yeah, Even the angriest, bounciest, craziest and fearless person fears what's new and unknown sometimes, what a shame, what a crying shame.... tears are salty and dry out your cheeks in the wintertime so if you are suffering from heartache carry moisturizer... talent overrides character sometimes, so wear infared sunglasses when gazing at shooting stars, or if perhaps you are the shooting star, well i've got nothing cause i'm kinda still working the kinks outta that one myself... speaking of which i'd better stop now before i burn out.